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Retirement planning, estate planning & inheritance tax,

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FCA-Regulated Independent Financial Advice

in Rayleigh, Essex & London

Our independence means that our advice is always tailored to you and we have no bias toward investments, providers or any other institutions.

We understand that everyone has different aspirations, objectives and goals, meaning that there is no one size fits all. Across the Sterling and Law group we have hundreds of years of experience, coupled with technical excellence, so you can be confident you and your family’s finances are in good hands

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Retirement planning

In it’s simplest form, retirement planning boils down to one question, am I going to be OK? We can help answer this question for you by, helping you plan for retirement, maximise the provisions you have already made and ensure you are as tax efficient as possible.

Business and Personal protection

None of us like to think about what would happen to our families should the worst happen, but having the right plans in place can ensure that you, your family and your business are protected in the event of a catastrophe

Pensions & Investments

Everyone should have some readily available cash for rainy days, but if you want your money to work harder for you longer term, then investing in a combination of company shares, government bonds, alternatives (commercial property, commodities, infrastructure, absolute return) and cash may be the answer.

Wealth management & financial planning

We all amass a variety of products as we go through our life, Pensions, protection, mortgage etc. Detailed financial planning and modelling can ensure that these are organised in line with your goals.


Looking to move home? Get on the property ladder? Or find the best deal? Our mortgage experts have a wealth of experience and market knowledge to help find the right mortgage for you.

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

Estate planning ensures that your assets distributed properly and passed on as tax efficiently as possible. We can assist you with this by ensuring you make the right plans at the right time, a combination of careful planning and strategic investing can ensure your loved ones receive as much as possible.

How we can help

We can assist with a wide variety of financial planning requirements, but typically you might:

  • Feel like you have done OK so far, but are not exactly sure what you are doing so would like some professional advice
  • You need help with making decisions such as, should you pay off your mortgage early or contribute more towards retirement?
  • You’ve had a change in circumstances, such as receiving an inheritance, retiring or are being made redundant
  • You are thinking about retiring and want to know how to best use your resources to provide you with financial security and enjoy your retirement.
  • You run a business and want answers to questions such as, is my business protected in the event the worst should happen? How can I withdraw funds tax efficiently? What does my exit look like?


Paddy was very helpful indeed. He was very punctual and polite, and very respectful of my nervousness regarding my finances and put me at ease. He is very patient and Did not mind explaining things several times over so that he was confident I really understood what he was saying.

Reasons to work with an independent financial adviser

Here are just some of the reasons to work with an IFA.


To help you plan and enjoy retirement.


To ensure you are not making any mistakes with you money


To help you plan for the financial future you desire


To help map your financial solutions to your objectives and life aspirations


To provide peace of mind and ease the administrative burden of handling your own financial planning matters


To help you make the right investment decisions


To protect you and your family should the worst happen

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