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None of us like to think about what would happen to our families should the worst happen, but having the right plans in place can ensure that both you and your family are protected in the event of a catastrophe.

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Business and personal protection policies 

 Working with a diverse range of clients, I advise on business and personal protection policies covering:

  • Critical illness cover: Protecting you and your loved one’s against periods of ill health. What would the financial impact be on your finances if your family only had one income for a considerable period of time?
  • Shareholder protection: What would happen to a shareholder’s shares if the they died or became seriously ill? Ensuring the shareholders family is financially compensated, and business continuity is essential in these circumstances
  • Relevant Life Policies: This form of protection policy is a form of life insurance offered to employees.Talk to me today about your relevant life policy options
  • Executive income protection: This policy helps protect the income of company owners and directors should they fall ill. Life takes many twists and turns, income protection could be a financial lifesaver
  • Personal and Family Protection: As a company director you can take out personal and family protection policies through your business
  • Life insurance: Protecting your family should you or your partner / spouse pass away. Life insurance policies can also settle your inheritance tax bill thus financially protecting your legacy


Paddy is a very thorough and professional advisor. He is prompt in responding to enquiries and in my experience always offers a balanced and expert opinion on my investment portfolio.

Why work with a personal and business protection specialist?

An experience personal and business & personal protection specialist will help to:


Plan for the unexpected


Protect the business from the impact of long term ill health


Advise you on the right cover for your needs


Provide peace of mind


Ensure businesses continue to trade if an owner or other person key to the business dies or becomes terminally or critically ill


Provides a financial safety net in the event of the death or critical illness


Provide funds to ensure repayment of a business loan in the event of death or critical illness

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